Hello Internet!

My name is Kristoffer Berdal, and I'm too lazy to redo my website/blog at the moment, so this is all you get. Not that I ever wrote anything on the blog anyway, I was too busy procastinating. In my current day job I work in the Computer Security field. Most of my time elsewhere I spend as a developer of various things. I prefer Go and Python, but I have used a lot of different languages through the years.

If you want to email me, you can do so at web [AT SIGN] flexd.net. The fingerprint of my PGP key is D9E5 4D8C 7CDB 6E83 06E6 EA72 0077 1467 DA23 3215 (verified in various ways on Keybase).

I am on GitHub, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also find me on IRC as flexd on Freenode/EFnet/Coldfront.