Kristoffer Berdal

I like to code and hack at things.

I am always curious to see how things work, and throughout my childhood more than one toy died for my good cause. SCIENCE! PROGRESS!

Life is short, and it feels like there are not enough hours in a day to do everything. My free time is spent coding, hacking, disassembling things or riding my bikes.

Mountain biking makes me happy. I like how I can spend a day in the woods just by myself, or with some friends, and not have to worry about anything. Just me, perhaps a bit of sun, or rain, it does not really matter, it is fun regardless of weather. It gives me healthy exercise, and is a nice way to relax.

I believe it is important to stay in shape and live healthy to be able to live as we do in modern society. My career choice is not helping. We spend thousands of hours each year sitting or standing in front of bright screens, and I think that anything I can do to improve the situation is time well spent.

Take a look at my Github profile, and if you want to contact me by email, my PGP key is here